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Offer: Fabrics and Weaving Books January 27, 2007

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A drive out to the far Hart has yielded me a box o’ craft materials: fabric and such. Everything is quite dusty, but there’s some good finds, and heavens knows, I don’t want it all! The materials are separated into “Lots” and numbered, PG Craft Collective members: if you would like a lot, email, maximum two lots per Craft Collective member. Thanks!

Lot 1: Patterned Denim
patterned denim

upclose patterned denim
about three quarters of a metre available. some of the edges are ratty and you may want to wash it. would make a cute apron!

  • Lot 2: Brown-toned, plant-patterned velvet
    brown-toned flower velvet square
    the square is the size of a couch cushion (that’s probably its origin), and the fabric has been loved, but it’s fabulous!
  • Lot 3: Brown Fun Fur! [TAKEN!] brown fun fur
    A variety of previously cut, and perhaps sewed, costume pieces.
  • Lot 4: Tan Leather
    tan scaps of leather
    A variety of sized tan leather scraps. Would be great for little pouches, or patches, or details for quilting.
  • Lot 5: Weaving Books
    warp and weave how-to book re: looms
  • weaver's journal 1983
    Warp and Weave and the Weaver’s Journal (1983). Must take both.
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