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Aquired Yarn! January 24, 2007

Filed under: knitting,materials,members — pgcraft @ 3:36 am

Today I acquired a large bag of yarn! If you are a member of the Prince George Craft Collective contact me via email and let me know which yarn-lot you would like. Limit per member is two lots and it’s free! yay! I’ve grouped them by colour to make it easier for selection and dividing. happy happy knitting!! (or crocheting!)

Lot 1: Blue Multi Yarn [TAKEN!]

blue multi yarn 1;

blue multi yarn 2

three skeins, two balls (only one in picture) available.

Lot 2: Peach Yarn

peach yarn 1

peach yarn 2

two light peach skeins, one darker peach skein, partially unwrapped

Lot 3: Purple Yarn
purple yarn 1

purple yarn 2

two dark purple skeins, one violet-lavender like skein

Lot 4: Brown and Orange Yarn

brown and orange 1

brown and orange yarn 2

two chocolate brown skeins, one orange. autumn!

Lot 5: Green Yarn

green yarn 1

green yarn 2

light green, sparkly teal, dark green. a forest of greens!

Lot 6: Blue Yarn

blue yarn 2

one dark blue, one grey blue, one thin light blue (fuzzy like!)

Lot 7: Raspberry Yarn!

raspberry yarn 1

raspberry yarn 2

three large-ish skeins thin fuzzy rasperry yarn.

Lot 8: Red, Orange, and Pink! Yarn. [TAKEN!]

reds, oranges, pink! 1

reds, oranges, pink! 2

one large red skein, one medium orange, one medium pink.

Lot 9: Light Yellow Yarn.

yellow yarn 1

yellow yarn 2

five skeins thin light yellow yarn.

Lot 10: Cowichan Sweater Yarn.

Cowichan Sweater Yarn 1

Cowichan Sweater Yarn 2

five various skeins that fit in the cowichan sweater family.

Lot 11: Baby Sweater White Yarn

Baby Sweater White 1

three small skeins of white thread usually used for baby gear: has light blue flecks.

Lot 12: White Yarn.

White Yarn 1

five or so skeins of thin white yarn.


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